How human smuggling and government policies/practices merge

Biden administration policy on family reunification of minors is a curious way to do the wrong thing for the right reason

This is a curious immigration "family reunification" policy that essentially makes smuggling children an official seamless enterprise that links criminal traffickers with government machinery. The traffickers get the children to the border, an NGO shuffles them to a DHS clearing center and the U.S. government distributes the minors around the country.

Here are some instructive questions: If this is such a righteous policy then why do these flights take place in the dead of night?

How does the DHS know or have proof in advance that the smuggled minor has family or sponsors in the USA?

If this policy is as righteous as the administration would have everyone believe, why don’t these flights depart and arrive in the full light of day with the adoring media reporting it at the tarmac?

In the absence of legitimate responses one would say that the Biden administration is sanctioning a smuggling program for minors in order to reunite them with their families. This is a very curious way to do the wrong thing for the right reason.

Teaming up with criminals to aide reunification of families is a program that is not only illegitimate but moreover corrodes respect for the leadership that promotes it.

Finally, the bafflegab emitted by Ms. Psaki that she "improbably disputed the notion that the flights were taking place “in the middle of the night” is ludicrous and beyond disingenuous.

She should be ashamed to spew this sort of spin.1


Psaki on secret migrant kids' flights: 'Earlier than you might like' (