Macron wants face-to-face meeting with Trudeau to talk security, China, climate

Imagine being a fly on the wall at that meeting

October 12, 2021

From the Canadian Press today.

“OTTAWA — French President Emmanuel Macron wants face time with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – soon – and he hopes for more than passing chit chat on the margins of upcoming summits.

Kareen Rispal, France's ambassador to Canada, tells The Canadian Press that in addition to unfinished business the two countries started before the COVID-19 pandemic, Macron wants to hear Trudeau's views on the alliance formed last month between the United States, Britain and Australia.

The new AUKUS alliance angered Macron and was seen by France as a stab in the back from trusted allies.

Trudeau has shrugged off Canada's exclusion, saying the alliance is about selling Australia nuclear submarines – something that doesn't interest Canada.

Rispal says the pandemic has prevented any meaningful follow-up work on an agreement the two leaders signed three years ago to deepen co-operation on promoting democracy and gender equality, as well as fighting climate change.

Macron visited Ottawa in June 2018 for a one-on-one with Trudeau before the G7 leaders' summit in Charlevoix, Que., where the pair agreed to create a Franco-Canadian Council of Ministers that was supposed to meet every two years, but hasn't due to the pandemic.”

To be fair I had to copy and paste the whole article exactly as was reported by the Canadian Press because it has beautiful imagery. Imagine being a “fly on the wall” at that meeting when these two woke has-beens start throwing temper tantrums railing against the Americans, the Brits and the Aussies.

Both thought they were helpful in giving Trump the boot. Looks like Biden returned the favor.

Macron though BREXIT thought it was the end of the UK. Looks like like Boris is having the last laugh.

Trudeau thought he was going get a majority of Canadians to go his woke way last month. Oops, that did not happen.

Neither country has a military that is keeping up with NATO financially or materially.

Perhaps Macron is thinking that a Canada - France alliance going to trump (no pun intended) the established alliances approach to China, Russia, Afghanistan and Iran?

Or perhaps they are going to conspire with their climate change cult gang to drop the temperature of the globe by two percent through over taxing their citizens until they cannot pay their heating bills and are freezing in the dark?

Oh the last can go on but I will leave that spin to the spokespersons for the leadership folks in Washington, Canberra and London.

Now that will be humorous.