Public safety

French Riviera tense.....

From Riviera Radio in Monaco 10/22/2021

“Police actively searching individual suspected of having beheaded a man - Police in the Vaucluse are actively searching for an individual suspected of having beheaded a man. The 37-year-old man is suspected of being the perpetrator of a homicide and is on the run in the Bollène area, between Montélimar and Orange in the Vaucluse. Armed with a knife, he is described as dangerous. The local city council has called on residents to stay at home. The man, who has short black hair, is "potentially dangerous and armed”. Any witnesses who come into contact with him are advised to contact the police immediately.”

Had to wince when reading that the local authorities suggest the perpetrator is “potentially dangerous and armed”. You think?

Yet another example of a criminal lunatic on the loose. More on this as facts emerge.