The BORDERPOL Point - Going back into our archives

Social, economic and cultural upheavals in 2021 are having an inestimable negative impact on the proponents of the "new world order". How did we get here?

At the end the cold war the simple border management systems and migration policies that evolved since the end of the Second World War were dismantled almost over night. For better or worse the relatively simple national systems were replaced by much more complex and complicated systems and procedure based on “bordernomics”.

First coined by Thomas Tass , Executive Director of BORDERPOL at the “Border Management in an Insecure World” conference held 5-7 April 2006 at Durham University in April 2006.

“Bordernomics is the interpretation of social, economic, political and environmental factors that individually or collectively impact on the efficacy of border security and traveler/migration management systems.”

#bordernomics has been used by BORDERPOL on its Twitter channel to tag information that comes under that heading.

Given today’s challenges in Europe in the Mediterranean region, the Balkans and along the Polish/Belarus border, or along the Mexico/US border or the UK struggles with boats with undocumented migrants coming across the English Channel from France, looking back at the April 2006 presentation is very instructive.

What has been learned since 2006? In two words - not much.

The self administered EU migration crisis of 2015 could have been avoided and the impact of that crisis still casts long shadows across the continent. The current Polish/Belarus border crisis is the clash of belligerents using human migration movements as an economic and political weapon.

The current open door experiment of the American administration does not have broad public support. Hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants are being helped into the US by criminal elements in plain sight. Combined with the pandemic and galloping inflation will likely reach a crescendo of public negativity early next year.

Looking back

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