Yet another politically orchestrated migrant crisis

BBC reports that Putin warns Belarus over gas threat to Europe

The BBC reported today that Belarus was contemplating cutting of gas supplies to the EU in retaliation for the crippling economic sanctions that it has placed on that country. While the reasons for the EU/Belarus crisis have many roots the use of migrants as a bargaining card has now become open and dangerous. This must stop now.

Full report by the BBC can be read here

In our view this is the most dangerous migration crisis story of this decade. It brings the possibility of serious missteps by the leadership in EU, Russia, and Belarus into play with catastrophic consequences. We urge all in leadership positions from Brussels to Moscow and to Washington to corral both the rhetoric and any belligerent moves simply to satisfy your various political bases.

We urge calm and cool adults from all sides come together and find a compromise solution to ensure this crisis does not spin out of control and cost much more than anyone might realize.

This is not the time to try and score points on the international stage or on social media while the lives of tens of thousands of human beings are on the line.